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No, structures under 25 meters squared do not require planning permission, subject to terms and conditions. Please refer to your local planning authority for any queries you may have.

Steel Sheds’ Benefits

  • Price
  • Steel sheds are on average much cheaper than their wooden alternatives. Particularly in the larger sizes.
  • Flatpacked
  • Steel Sheds can be shipped flatpacked. This keeps the price down even further, but it means that we can get our sheds across Ireland quickly. 
  • Virtually No Maintenance
  • If you want a low maintenance shed, a Steel Shed is the best option for you.

Usually 1-5 working days.

For installation please contact via phone, WhatsApp or email for details.

Our sheds require at least two people to assemble and for people with experience with large flat-pack assembly, they should pose little issue. 

However, if you’ve not attempted something like this before, we would recommend that you read our guide here, before you choose to assemble it yourself. 

Please note that the larger sheds require stretching and the use of a tall ladder to correctly assemble. This may be dangerous for people with little construction skills. We do not recommend undertaking this task alone, without the proper materials and in dangerous weather.

No we do not fit bases. (All bases must be solid and level).